cucumber rolls
Cucumber Rolls

Looking for a unique appetizer that will impress your guests and make you a star host? Then look no further. These one-bite cucumber rolls are a breeze to make and will please even those hoping for chips and dip. Break the ice with these at your next home gathering and impress your guests.

Servings |
10 min

English Cucumber - 2

Avocado - 1

Capers - 2 tbsp

Cream Cheese - 200 g

Salt & pepper

Fresh parsley - 1 tbsp (Chopped)


Wash the cucumbers and wipe them dry.

Cut thin long slices of the cucumbers.

Mix avocado, capers, cream cheese, salt, pepper and pepper in a  bowl.

Lay out slices of cucumber and layer them with a coat of the filling.

Roll to make a cylinder.

Serve immediately.