• Made in Alberta
  • Located in sunny Medicine Hat!
  • Greenhouse Grown in Alberta
  • Always Growing

If you’re looking for the freshest local produce, you’ve come to the right place.

Always Growing

Our modern year-round greenhouse is perfectly located in the sweet spot of Canada’s sunbelt — so our tomatoes and cucumbers spend more time ripening on the vine and less time sitting in shipping containers. Small wonder they taste so incredible — because they’re literally ALWAYS GROWING™ ​

What We Grow

Now we get to the good stuff—discover what varieties of delicious produce we grow at Big Marble Farms.

Talk About Local

Everything we grow comes from Southern Alberta so it has roots in the same province as the people who eat it. While we don’t get summer weather 365 days of the year it can feel like it when you bite into one of our cukes or tomatoes. They taste as vibrant in the middle of February as they do in the middle of June.

A Growing Tradition

Our young family eats what we grow everyday so we care about what goes into our produce as much as — and possibly more than — anyone. We go to great lengths to share this experience with other families because we believe everyone deserves to enjoy fresh local produce.

Where You'll Find Big Marble

Big Marble cucumbers and tomatoes are available at local Sobeys and Safeway stores across Alberta. You can also find our awesome community on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram