• We need a person who enjoys working with large gas engines and have strong mechanical skills. The person we have in mind will be mainly responsible for monitoring and keeping the machines running, assembling, and repairing. This is a physical job requiring dexterity and flexibility; thus, one must be able to stand, crouch, kneel, and carry equipment and tools throughout the day. You must be cognizant of safety risks and adhere to strict safety guidelines when working around machinery. Must be able to work independently.

  • We are looking for someone to manage our front desk daily and to perform a variety of administrative and clerical tasks.  The person will be the "First point of Contact" for our business, and it is important that the conduct is suitable and pleasant. The person will provide first impressions to guests, and scheduled visitors that visit our facility. Thus, we expect the Receptionist to represent the Values of Big Marble Farms.


  • You will repair, maintain, install, and troubleshoot industrial equipment, systems, and components. You will assist with managing and executing preventive/predictive maintenance, resolving safety concerns, and maintaining the facility. You will be asked to perform indoor and outdoor facility and equipment repair. You will be performing maintenance in accordance with all Company safety policies and approved maintenance procedures.

  • Expectations:

    You will be the person behind the creation of attractive, innovative, and enticing short film, brochures, packaging, and graphic design for the Company.

    Shall ensure to make effective use of the company equipment, gadgets, and computer software we have for this job.