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Big Marble First is more than a sustainability program; it’s our mindset, our purpose, and our “why”.

It places the well-being of our planet’s future at the forefront of all business decisions.

It’s why we grow in high tech greenhouses and produce more on less arable land. It’s why we use less water, less pesticides and less energy. It’s why we feed our clean CO2 emissions to our crops and capture waste heat for reuse.

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It’s why we are constantly exploring innovative ideas in sustainable packaging. Big Marble First is our promise to future generations to put what matters most before convenience and profit.

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Sustainable Packaging

Packing Big Marble Farms premium produce in protective packaging increases its shelf life and reduces food waste. Those benefits, combined with sustainably sourced, compostable and recyclable packaging materials, drive our Big Marble First packaging program.

Big Marble Farms is continuously investing in and developing sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging for our products, our customers, and our planet.
  • Compostable Bowls
    • Compostable Bowl
    • Compostable Bowl
    • Compostable Bowl

    Sustainable Film

    • PET #1
    • recycleable

    Compostable Bowl

    • recyclable
    • Back yard compostable

    Grape, Cherry and Medley snacking tomatoes are available in 1.5 lb compostable bowls, sealed with recyclable, easy-peal, transparent lidding film.

Delicious Produce,
One Sustainable Package At A Time
  • Simply Marbleous Snack Pints
    • Grape Tomato Paperboard pint
    • Cherry Tomato Paperboard pint
    • Medley Tomato Paperboard pint

    100% Recycled Paperboard

    • unbleached
    • recycleable

    Water-Based Inks

    • zero plastic
    • easy open

    Grape, Cherry and Medley snacking tomatoes are available in our easy-open, highly sustainable paperboard pint packs.

  • Kraft Cases
    • Kraft Case of Cherry tomatoes
    • Kraft Case of Medley tomatoes
    • Kraft Case of Grape tomatoes

    Responsibly Sourced

    • certified
    • recyclable

    Zero Plastic Package

    • unbleached
    • renewable

    Our corrugate produce trays are made with certified responsibly sourced North American fibre. The materials are unbleached and minimally processed, with single colour graphics applied with water-based inks. They are 100% recyclable.

  • Compostable Trays
    • Cucumbers in compostable tray
    • Cucumbers in compostable tray

    Recycled Fibre Tray

    • recyclable
    • post consumer

    Recyclable Stretch Film

    • paper label
    • water inks

    100% post-consumer, fibre formed food trays form the foundation of our six and eight count mini cucumber packages. They are wrapped with a 100% recyclable stretch film and branded with a paper label.