Big Marble Farms Installing System to Reduce Impact of Grow Lights

Big Marble Farms Inc. is excited to announce our latest project: the installation of ceiling blackout curtains on all existing greenhouses. The project will significantly decrease the amount of light emitted during the winter months and reduce the impact of our business on the broader community.

Currently, Big Marble Farms has 20 acres of blackout coverage, in keeping with Cypress County bylaws. Once the new project is finalized, all 55 acres of greenhouse will have ceiling blackout curtains, significantly reducing the visual impact of our operations. The work of retrofitting the greenhouse will begin in fall 2021 and will be completed in the second half of 2022.

“When we started twelve years ago, it was hard to imagine that our business would look like it does today. The community has been very supportive, and we do not take for granted how our operations affect those around us,” said Ryan Cramer, CEO of Big Marble Farms. “We love growing and doing business here. This project is a proactive step to reduce the impact on our friends and neighbours.”

Big Marble Farms was founded in 2009 by the Cramer and Wagenaar families on the belief that local is better. Our vision is to supply Alberta and the prairies with quality vegetables and fruit, 365 days a year. What started as a modest greenhouse operation has grown by leaps and bounds, fuelled by an increasing appetite for local, sustainably grown produce. 

In addition to what is grown at our own facility, Big Marble Farms now markets and sells on behalf of the entire greenhouse vegetable community in Southeastern Alberta, including the Red Hat Co-operative. Our product offering features Long English and mini cucumbers, tomatoes (TOV, roma, cocktail, beefsteak, medley, grape, and cherry), sweet and mini bell peppers, living lettuce, and eggplant. 


For media inquiries or more information please contact:
Big Marble Farms
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