The right food choices can make a huge difference over the course of a lifetime. That’s why go the extra mile to grow fresh local produce for you and your family.
Big food critics come in tiny bodies

Kids can be fussy about what they eat. We do everything we can to raise the strongest and healthiest tomato and cucumber plants that yield the juiciest and most flavourful produce imaginable. So you can proudly serve Big Marble (or slip it into a lunchbox) knowing that your loved ones (big or small) will enjoy it.

Super Nutritious
Super Nutritious and Fun

Food that is freshly-picked (and packed with healthy nutrients) simply tastes better. That doesn’t mean you can’t have lots of fun with it. When you eat well, it sets the stage for a more pleasant and productive day. Once you establish a healthy approach to food it is something that can continue to bring you and your growing family joy throughout life.

Traditional Games

The name Big Marble harkens back to a simpler time when kids would spend hours playing with their friends and family. Here are a few traditional pastimes that you can learn in seconds and enjoy for many years to come.


Near and dear to our hearts—Marbles can be played indoors, out on the playground, or right in your own backyard. It doesn’t cost much to get started and it teaches patience, strategy, competitiveness plus the ability to give and take. No batteries or high-speed internet required.

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The classic, non-contact game of coordinated effort, motor planning and one-upmanship, Jacks can be played with a rubber ball, and a few easy-to-pickup metal or plastic counting pieces.

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Conkers are about as old-school a game as you can get. All you need are some large chestnuts, a piece of string and the ability to take turns. It’s kind of like a Reality TV survival game except it’s a little friendlier. Best to play with the help of a parent to make the Conkers, compete and teach fair play.

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From our family to yours — be well and have fun!